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  • News&Topics 27.12.2017

    Media Appearance

    GOKO Microscope was used for the TV program, "Minna-No Katei-No Igaku" (Family Medicine for Everyone), broadcasted by TV Asahi Corporation on Dec. 26th.

  • News&Topics 12.12.2017

    Media Appearance

    Weekly Economist, published by Mainichi Shimbun Publishing Inc., features Tadashi Goto, the founder and CEO of GOKO Group.

  • News&Topics 17.10.2017

    Dermascope: Sample pictures are updated!

    Wonderful pictures of skin, scalp and capillaries which were taken by Digital Dermascope EV-4DU are newly appeard.

  • Exhibition 13.09.2017

    Exhibition: Diet&Beauty Fair 2017

    2-way video microscope GOKO Bscan-Z was favorably used for observing blood vessels and capillaries at several booths in the "Diet&Beauty Fair 2017" and the "Spa&Wellness Japan 2017" in Tokyo. 

  • News&Topics 24.07.2017

    Media Appearance - The EV-6H

    GOKO microscope EV-6H was used on a news commentary on television, broadcasted by Nippon Television Network Corporation on July 23rd, 2017 to observe sweat from sweat glands during the report of heat …More

  • News&Topics 30.06.2017

    Product Update-GOKO Dermascope EV-4D USB

    GOKO digital dermascope EV-4D USB has been updated for being compatible with Windows 10. This microscope is favorably used for observing skin, scalp, and moles effectively.

  • News&Topics 23.06.2017

    Product Update-GOKO Macro Viewer EV-1 Digital

    GOKO digital microscope EV-1 Digital has been updated for being compatible with Windows 10. This microscope is favorably used for visual inspection and documentary evidence.

  • News&Topics 18.05.2017

    Media Appearance - The LZ3-2

    The LZ3-2 was appeared on a Japanese television drama broadcasted by TV Asahi Corporation on May 17th, 2017 as an useful close-up shot lens for criminal identification.

  • Exhibition 17.05.2017

    Exhibition: beautyworld JAPAN

    The GOKO Bscan-Z was favorably used for the practical demonstration of the promotion of health related equipments, hydrogen/carbonated water, and supplements at many booths in the beautyworld JAPAN…More

  • News&Topics 28.04.2017

    Media Coverage - The GOKO Bscan-Z

    The GOKO Bscan-Z was appeared on a TV program broadcasted by Kansai Telecasting Corporation on April 27th, 2017.

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