LineupLenses for SLR cameras

GOKO’s lenses easily capture close-up shots for professional use with your SLRs. Enables the same photographic conditions to be provided anytime by featuring every suitable condition such as lighting system. Effectively used among dermatologists, dentists, veterinarians, scholars, directors for criminal identification and more.

GOKO Japan, founded in 1953, has become one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers acquiring world’s top shares and largest amount of manufacture of 8mm editors and 35mm compact cameras with OEM requests from almost all Japanese famous camera manufactures as well as by GOKO brand.

  • Lens for SLR cameras LM-2. Makes it possible for anyone to easily capture close-up shots even of moving or shaky objects.
  • All-in-one lens for dentists that enables easy shooting of both intraoral and face-form images.
  • Close-up shot lens for SLR, GOKO LZ3-2, easily takes quality close-up shots of flat objects. Does not require focusing, extra lighting, or a tripod. Can be mounted on both digital and film SLR cameras