LineupUSB Camera for Eyepieces

GOKO’s USB and video eyepiece cameras easily transmit the real-time view through your viewing instruments, such as microscopes or SLR cameras, to a PC or TV to share the smooth live view among multiple people at the same time, and to save images or movies.

GOKO Japan, founded in 1953, has become one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers acquiring world’s top shares and largest amount of manufacture of 8mm editors and 35mm compact cameras with OEM requests from almost all Japanese famous camera manufactures as well as by GOKO brand.

  • Multi-Video Camera Attachment for eyepieces GOKO MVC-Direct USBUpgrades your optical microscope to a digital microscope.Offers a larger image field that is close in size to the eyepiece view.
  • Multi Video Camera Attachment for eyepieces, GOKO MVC-2Easily displays images from optical instruments. Makes it easy to repeatedly change views between a monitor and the eyepiece without re-adjusting focus.