LineupDigital and Video Microscopes

GOKO’s professional microscopes are favorably used in a very wide range of industries: industrial inspection, medical research, health, beauty, dermatology, dentistry, education and more.
GOKO microscopes clearly "Visualize" microscopic objects which have been only "Guessed" in the past.

GOKO Japan, founded in 1953, has become one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers acquiring world’s top shares and largest amount of manufacture of 8mm editors and 35mm compact cameras with OEM requests from almost all Japanese famous camera manufactures as well as by GOKO brand.

  • Handheld Ultra Microscope GOKO EV-13
  • Capillaroscope GOKO Bscan-ZD (USB)
  • Capillaroscope GOKO Bscan-ZA (Autoclavable)
  • Capillaroscope GOKO Bscan series
  • Handheld Multi-distance scope GOKO EV-6HD
  • Digital stand model EV-1 DigitalDigital version of EV-1 that enables real-time display on a computer.Offers GOKO’s
  • USB Digital Dermascope GOKO EV-4D USB