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News 11.06.2024 Multi-distance scope GOKO EV-6HD was used in the TV program, TBS "Cho-HomeMade Kazoku".

The GOKO EV-6HD, a multi-distance scope manufactured by GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd. was used in the TBS broadcast of "Cho-Homemade-Kazoku" (Ultra homemade family) on June 10, 2024.

In the program, a challenge was made to make a "cup ramen" by hand using only items available at home, and the GOKO EV-6HD multi-distance scope was used to observe the noodles in the cup ramen under magnified conditions.


Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN)
Harisenbon (Haruna Kondo, Haruka Minowa)
Sunshine Ikezaki
Genki Ichioka / Science Artist

The multi-distance scope GOKO EV-6HD is a handheld microscope with professional-use clarity that condenses GOKO's optical technology to enable clear observation anywhere from macro 160x to distant view.

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