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News 05.10.2023 Capillary scope GOKO Bscan-ZD was used in the TV program, NHK "Torisetsu-Show".

The GOKO Bscan-ZD, a whole-body capillary blood flow scope manufactured by GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd. was used in the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) broadcast of "Torisetsu-Show" (October 5, 2023).

Torisetsu-show" is a new style of TV program that provides life science information and entertainment.

The program covers all kinds of topics such as food, health, and daily life, and uses the latest science, experiments, and research to reveal the answers and introduce them as instruction manuals (Torisetsu in Japanese).

In the program, it was used to observe capillaries in the lips.

GOKO Bscan-ZD is a blood flow scope that realizes clear capillary observation anywhere in the body with GOKO's unique non-reflective observation.

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