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New product 15.06.2021 New product launch- Software "GOKO Measure Plus" for advanced image processing / analysis


GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd. will release the software "GOKO Measure Plus" on June 15, 2021.

"GOKO Measure Plus" is the advanced software that maximizes the results of GOKO Microscopes which provides overwhelming clarity and performance.

It can be used with all GOKO microscopes such as Capillarocope (Specialized microscope for observing capillaries) GOKO Bscan-Z, multi-distance microscope GOKO EV-6HD, USB Dermascope EV-4D USB for skin observation, USB camera for eyepieces of microscopes GOKO MVC-DU and many more.

In addition to covering several 2D measurement functions, it provides high-leveled functions of image processing / analysis, such as image tiling, high dynamic range composition, focus composition, overlay display, background subtraction setting, and automatic selection and many more.

Those advanced functions will strongly support the research and observation work of customers in many fields using GOKO microscopes, such as beauty, medical, and health fields.

Click and enjoy the advanced features provided with GOKO Microscopes: