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New product 28.12.2022 New product launch- Autoclavable Capillaroscope, the GOKO Bscan-ZA

GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of a new model in its GOKO Bscan series of whole-body capillaroscopes, the GOKO Bscan-ZA, which is compatible with autoclave high-pressure steam sterilization.

GOKO's capillary scopes have sold more than 3,000 units since their launch in 2006, and have contributed to the development of many fields including medical research, beauty, and health.

In 2018, we launched the non-reflex cap, which adopts GOKO's unique non-reflective observation technique, realizing non-reflective and clear whole body capillary observation.

In 2021, we launched the "Autoclavable Non-reflex Cap NRC-AS5," that enables high-pressure steam sterilization, and we customize the existing models, the GOKO Bscan-ZD and the GOKO Bscan-Z  upon request from users. We have been accepting customization requests from users with existing models (the GOKO Bscan-ZD and the GOKO Bscan-Z).

In response to increasing requests for customization, especially in the medical research field, we have decided to release a new model "GOKO Bscan-ZA," which can be equipped with the autoclavable non-reflex cap NRC-AS5 as standard and is ideal for use in the medical research field.

We are confident that this model will greatly expand the possibilities in the field of medical research, which requires particular attention to hygiene.

This model comes standard with the autoclavable non-reflex cap NRC-AS5 and the camera hand grip, which is kindly designed to facilitate one-handed capillary observation.

The autoclavable non-reflex cap NRC-AS5 is made of surgical stainless steel to prevent metal allergies. It can be sterilized under high-pressure steam and is highly heat-resistant and rustproof.

The product website is coming soon.