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Exhibition 11.10.2019 Exhibition: The Meeting of the Japan Society of Early Stage of Dementia

GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd. will make a conference presentation and company exhibition at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Early Stage of Dementia.

In "Symposium 2", we will make a presentation titled "Use of Capillaroscope to Measure Effect on Dementia Prevention and Rehabilitation". In this presentation, it will be delivered how the measuring of the effects of dementia and rehabilitation was effectively performed by capillaroscopy with our whole body capillaroscope GOKO Bscan-Z and the velocity measurement software GOKO-VIP which was developed by GOKO for the GOKO Bscan-Z. The research was a joint one with the Tokai University Graduate School Asakawa Laboratory.

In corporate exhibitions, we will be exhibiting the capillaroscopy "Whole Body Capillaroscope GOKO Bscan-Z", the latest model of our Bscan series, which has been well received worldwide, and other specialized microscope series, the medical interchangeable lens series for single-lens reflex cameras, and our latest developed customization examples related to capillary blood vessel observation.

Date: October 20, 2019 Sunday
Venue: Juroku Plaza

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