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News 29.11.2022 Media Appearance- The Nikkei Newspaper

On November 29, 2022, The Nikkei newspaper published an article on the new GOKO EV-13 Handheld Ultra Microscope from GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.

Title: "GOKO Imaging Devices develops microscopes for industrial and medical use." (Translated from Japanese)

The article introduced our new product "GOKO EV-13 Handheld Ultra Microscope," which has features such as the ability to observe an area of less than 1 mm at an ultra-high magnification of approximately 590x, with deep depth of field. It is also introduced that the GOKO EV-13 is hand-held for easy use, unlike conventional microscopes.

The compact design, with a diameter of 40 mm, length of 107 mm, and weight of 126 grams, is expected to be used to check for damage on the cutting edges of tools and industrial drills, microscopic scratches and dirt on fibers, etc., skin blemishes and hair roots at medical institutions and beauty salons, dirt on suits and carpets by cleaners, and observation of living things at research institutions. It is also mentioned that the use of the device is envisioned to be used for observation of living organisms at research institutions.