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New product 22.11.2021 New product launch- Whole-body capillaroscope GOKO Bscan-ZD


GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd. will release the "GOKO Bscan-ZD"*, a new product in the GOKO Bscan series of special microscopes which can observe the shape and flow of skin capillaries of the whole body clearly without invasion. 

* English website is coming soon.

It has the industry's top magnification of 620x (on a 20-inch monitor). The depth of field is 10% deeper than before. As the latest model of the GOKO Bscan series, which has been installed in 3,000 units worldwide in the medical, health and beauty fields, it enables users to observe capillaries with overwhelming clarity.

User Benefits:

  • Shoking 620x magnification (on a 20-inch monitor) provides amazing clarity. The conventional magnification of 590x has been increased to 620x.
  • The depth of field is 10% deeper than that of the conventional model, and the range of in-focus viewing has been expanded.
  • GOKO's unique optical technology enables reflection-free observation.
  • Focus adjustment and magnification change can be done smoothly with the fingertips of one hand, and switching between 175x and 620x is quite easy.
  • Both nailfold observation using the dedicated stand, and full-body observation using the camera hand grip can be performed stably.
  • Adopts a global shutter, which is rare in digital microscopes, while many general digital microscopes use a rolling shutter. Even moving subjects such as blood flow are hardly distorted.
  • GOKO's integrated system of development, manufacturing, and sales as an optical manufacturer founded about 70 years ago. Made in Japan.
  • USB bus power for direct connection to a Windows PC with a single cable and no driver required.