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News 11.01.2023 Media Appearance- The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun dated January 11, 2023 published an article on GOKO Bscan-ZA, a new product of GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.

Title: "GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd. has developed an anti-reflective cap for microscopes, which is compatible with high pressure sterilization." (Translated from Japanese)

The article mentions that GOKO has launched an autoclave (high-pressure steam sterilization) compatible model of the capillaroscope (capillary scope).

It also states that the attached cap NRC-AS5 utilizes GOKO's unique non-reflective observation method to prevent reflection on the image, and that surgical stainless steel is used as the material, making it possible to use the cap in fields where strict hygiene control is required.