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News 01.12.2021 Media Appearance- KANAKEI Biz Log newspaper


GOKO's professional microscope "Multi Distance Scope GOKO EV-6HD" was published in the November 2021 issue of KANAKEI Biz Log newspaper.

The article was titled "Image inspection by handheld microscope/ GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd. develops the microscope that the imgae can be observed remotely." (Translated from Japanese)

In the article, it was noted that our multi-distance scope GOKO EV-6HD can capture images from macroscopic to distant views even though the scope is palm-sized, and that they can be used for remote quality inspection and technical training because it can also be used as a webcam.

For example, it can be set near a machine tool to perform visual inspection from a remote location, and it can also be used for image inspection of areas that cannot be reached by desktop image inspection systems.