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New product 20.05.2020 New product launch- Camera Handgrip


On May 20, 2020, we GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd. launched the new product "Camera Handgrip" which can be attached to the ultra-high magnification capillary scope GOKO Bscan-Z that non-invasively observes the shape and flow of skin capillaries in the whole body. 

[User benefits]

  • Easily adjust the focus and change the magnification with your fingertips.
  • Can hold the camera firmly while shooting to reduce camera shake.
  • Can be attached and removed smoothly and safely.
  • (When wearing GOKO Bscan-Z) You can observe blood flow that is close to natural flow when observing skin capillaries since the observed area is not pressed.
  • Born from on-site needs; "When observing the skin capillaries of an animal, I want to focus on it with my right hand while holding down the animal with my left hand", "I want to observe with one hand while filling in the medical record", "I want to take a picture while applying gel or chemicals", etc.
  • Made in Japan


Medical (COVID-19 and blood vessels, plastic surgery, dementia research, periodontal disease, collagen disease, nursing, anatomy, pharmacy, etc.), beauty (skin and scalp research), health field (nutrition, Health food, sports science, etc.)

We GOKO Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd., will continue to develop with 66 years of history as an innovative manufacturer of optical imaging devices that features unique product development.